The major goals of the READ East Harlem/Hunter College project are:

  • School-based Training and Coaching: to increase effectiveness in reading instruction in kindergarten through second grade in high-needs district schools;

  • Development of Teacher Literacy Leaders: to develop the content knowledge and leadership of 2nd-grade teachers to lead and sustain effective reading instruction within their schools;

  • District-wide Teacher Training: for 2nd-grade teachers across district’s elementary schools to share research-informed reading practices;

  • School Leaders’ Literacy Training: to increase school leaders’ knowledge base and capacity to use effective reading curricula and support research-informed instructional practices in their schools;

  • District Partner: to support their Advanced Literacies Initiative. 

Literacy Leaders

READ East Harlem/Hunter College. 

Contact us with your questions, thoughts and ideas, resources, and inquiries.​

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This website is intended to be a resource guide for participating teachers as well as educators and leaders from other academic spaces, parents, and other interested parties. Here you can find resources for literacy learning, biographies of participating team members, theme-based blog posts with suggestions and strategies, up-to-date reports of progress within the project, as well as the literacy leader network. There's also a contact page for anyone interested in learning more about the project.

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